Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire

This house fire was mainly contained to the kitchen area. The fire spread quickly to all the appliances and wooden cabinets. The homeowner's insurance agent ref... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This minor kitchen fire caused soot to spread along the entire ceiling. You can clearly see the where the fire spread up the cabinet and than onto the ceiling. ... READ MORE

House Fire

This house unfortunately suffered catastrophic damage as result of a fire while the family was away on vacation. The homeowner's insurance agent was able to spe... READ MORE

House Fire Exterior

The cause of this fire is unknown, luckily the homeowner's insurance agent knew exactly what to do and we were able to get out on the scene within hours and beg... READ MORE

Fire In A Hallway

This was a fire in a hallway in Sedro Wooley, Washington. Alot of the walls had already been ripped out when we got there. We were able to get out there quickly... READ MORE

Building Fire

This fire at a school was a result of a match dropped into a garbage can. It happened close to the end of the day, and was found by a after hours janitor. SERVP... READ MORE